Blog > BUY LOW: Why land may be your best investment of 2022

BUY LOW: Why land may be your best investment of 2022

BUY LOW: Why land may be your best investment of 2022

With prices surging in almost every category including but not limited to overnight fuel hikes, could any single commodity still be priced low?

The simple answer is: LAND

Specifically Tennessee.

Literally, in limited supply and increasing demand, developable land costs remain steady and attractive for long-term investment.

In the last twenty-four months, we have seen large corporations making the shift to southern states including but not limited to Tennessee. Affordable housing, lower taxes, and less strict regulations make states like Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, and Florida appealing to corporation owners and employees alike.

In addition to major corporate shifts, people are thinking harder and smarter about their choices of where to live and how they want their time at home to be spent. High-density urban residential is being traded in many markets for smaller cities and suburban neighborhoods. If we learned anything in 2020, it was that home is essential. Remote work became the solution many sought for those high-cost housing markets.

236.4 acres US Hwy 51 N and I-385
236.4 acres US Hwy 51 N and I-385

The necessary component for both scenarios is LAND.
According to experts, the magic sauce in land investments lies in finding:
1. Inexpensive land
2. Undeveloped areas
3. Potential for future building boom

I give you Tennessee. (and Mississippi and Arkansas) Consistently ranked in the top 10 or even top 3 states nationwide for cheap land, the volunteer state offers appealing incentives to companies and residents alike in a thriving job market, strong schools, comfortable cost of living, and no income tax.... just to name a few.

Blue Oval
, Smith and Wesson and Oracle are just three of our great states' newest headquarters rolling in plans for over 15,000 new jobs combined. Memphis Commercial Real Estate inquiries have been buzzing with manufacturers, distributors, and business owners looking for property to relocate near our own thriving transportation hub.

67.5 Acres - Desoto County, MS

While some may be sweating the market glut in their over-priced metaverse, we still live in country where you can own your very own piece of earth. For a limited time only.......


"Buy land, they're not making it anymore." ~ Mark Twain