Blog > Fly me to the moon: Just make sure to layover in Memphis!!!

Fly me to the moon: Just make sure to layover in Memphis!!!

My recent flight out of Memphis International was delayed more than an hour and somehow I wasn't mad about it.

The sparkling new concourse B was showing off big time with state-of-the-art renovations, enhanced seating, local food and beverage options and loads of natural light.

My wife and I were on our way to NYC for the weekend to visit our oldest son over the holiday. The extended passenger experience in the concourse offered upgraded charging stations in private business hubs complete with comfy swivel chairs and TABLES (HELLO??!!! - YES PLEASE).

While enjoying modern art and natural light I could keep up with a few work details AND enjoy some tasty food and beverage from our amazing local Memphis vendors. Not a bad place to be hungry if you ask me. We momentarily forgot we were in an airport and definitely forgot it was the MEMPHIS airport. Nicely done!

As if the dramatic concourse transformation wasn't enough - Joanna and I agreed -we both wanted to take a picture of the restroom. We didn't - but it looks like a million bucks..... well make that $245 million bucks.

Nicely done Memphis!